“The appellate panel is thinking about how to place the facts of this case within the context of all the other cases that deal with similar issues of law. And what they’re thinking about is the fabric of the law.”

-Kurtis Wilder

Episode Outline

00:18 – Introduction

01:04 – About Kurtis Wilder

04:15 – Mediation and COVID-19

08:52 – Trial experience and the appellate judge

15:23 – Papazian v. Goldberg (In re Mardigian Estate)

22:28 – Wills and trusts versus contracts

27:50 – The role of the legislature

29:41 – Tips for effective appellate advocacy

34:40 – Judicial perspective on private practice


About Kurtis Wilder

Former Justice Kurtis T. Wilder is a shareholder of Butzel Long. He concentrates his practice in litigation and appeals. Justice Wilder was appointed by Governor John Engler as judge of the Washtenaw County Circuit Court in March 1992. In December 1998 Governor Engler elevated Justice Wilder to the Michigan First District Court of Appeals where he served four terms from 1998-2017. On May 9, 2017, Governor Snyder appointed Justice Wilder to the Michigan Supreme Court. Justice Wilder graduated from the University of Michigan with an A.B. degree in Political Science in 1981, and from the University of Michigan Law School with a Juris Doctor degree in 1984.

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