“I prepare to meet the big bad wolf, the Goliath, in the courtroom. So I make my opposition into Goliath. And when we show up in trial, they are not really Goliath. But we come prepared to beat Goliath, and that’s why we get the results.”

-Daniel Callahan

Episode Outline

00:18 – Introduction

01:28 – About Dan Callahan and his law practice

05:52 – The importance of creativity in litigation

11:34 – Neria v. The City of Dana Point

16:16 – The Beckman Coulter case

20:59 – What a $900m+ verdict did for Dan’s law practic

21:48 – The Farmer’s Insurance case

23:43 – How Dan prepares for a case

26:53 – Dan’s advice for litigators taking on difficult cases

29:02 – The importance of preparation in litigation

31:06 – Where to find Dan online


About Daniel Callahan

Daniel Callahan opened his own law office on St. Patrick’s Day in 1984. Throughout his career, Daniel J. Callahan has always been known as one of the top trial attorneys in California. Daniel Callahan also provides corporate consulting to law firms and lawyers regarding litigation and strategy through Callahan Consulting Group LLC.

Dan’s notable jury verdicts included a $934,000,000 jury verdict obtained after a three-month jury trial in a complex business dispute entitled Beckman Coulter vs. Flextronics. This unanimous verdict was the largest in California in 2003 and remains the largest in Orange County history. He also went on to obtain a $50,000,000 settlement in a road design case against the City of Dana Point. Exclusive of large class actions, this continues to be the largest personal injury settlement in United States history. Dan also obtained, after a two-month jury trial, a $38 million settlement on behalf of a class of newspaper delivery drivers against The Orange County Register. This is still the highest employment settlement in Orange County’s history.

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