“The first time a client sits down and tells you about a case, your mind has to be going to: How is this case going to be litigated. How is it going to be tried?”

-Neil Rockind

Episode Outline

0:18 – Introduction

01:57 – About Neil Rockind and his law practice

03:43 – Some of Neil’s high-profile cases

05:10 – Oxford school case

07:37 – “Killer” cross-examination

11:33 – Learning effective cross-examination

16:32 – People vs. Charles Warren

16:58 – The criminalization of driving offenses

23:38 – Hindsight bias

30:20 – Cross-examination of the lead investigator

33:35 – Verdict in the Charles Warren case

37:21 – Handling cases with intense public scrutiny

40:41 – Where to find Neil Rockind online


About Neil Rockind

Neil Rockind has represented clients in criminal defense matters for over twenty years. Her has defended clients in matters ranging from drunk driving to complex federal cases. Rockind has defended various celebrities and athletes in all varieties of criminal cases, including former NFL wide receiver and Super Bowl champion, Devon Thomas, famed trial attorney Geoffrey Fieger, retired hockey player Todd Bertuzzi, former professional basketball player William Bedford, rapper and actress Kash Doll, and rapper Icewear Vezzo, to name just a few. Neil has appeared in numerous television programs, including Fox News and MSNBC, as well as major news periodicals across the country.

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