“Be nice to everyone. If you just do that, it’s going to come around and benefit you.”

-Matthew Schneider

Episode Outline

00:18 – Introduction

02:07 – About Former U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider

05:23 – UAW investigation

08:58 – Career and appointment as U.S. Attorney

10:54 – Law enforcement environment during COVID

13:13 – Protests of the summer of 2020

15:20 – Why protests in Detroit were different

17:59 – Matthew Schneider’s work with Attorney General Bill Barr

21:18 – Working behind the scenes during the COVID crisis

23:10 – Matthew Schneider’s white collar and investigations practice

25:07 – Advice for attorneys looking to pursue public service

27:02 – Civility in modern politics

29:01 – Where to find Matthew Schneider online

29:37 – Mini-interview with Mike Morse


About Matthew Schneider

Matthew Schneider is a former United States Attorney who focuses his practice on crisis management, white collar investigations, and high-profile, high-stakes litigation at Honigman LLP. He has over 25 years of experience working in state and federal government and law enforcement. He represents clients in both federal and state courts in proceedings involving federal and state agencies. Throughout his career, he has maintained strong relationships in the fields of law, policy, politics, energy, agriculture, and business, as well as with industry, government leaders, and judges.

Prior to joining Honigman, Mr. Schneider served as the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan. As the chief federal law enforcement officer in 34 counties, he supervised and directed all federal litigation within the District and directly interacted with all 21 federal judges in Detroit, Flint, Bay City, Ann Arbor, and Port Huron. The office is widely recognized for significant prosecutions involving international terrorism, violent crime, public corruption, environmental crime, financial fraud, drug trafficking, civil rights and numerous other criminal and civil matters.

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