“All movement should be intentional. It shouldn’t look like a quirk or something you forgot on the other side of the courtroom. And it shouldn’t look threatening, like now you’re rushing the witness stand. There should be a method.”

-Eliot Wagonheim

Episode Outline

00:19 – Introduction

01:38 – About Eliot Wagonheim and his law practice

02:39 – What makes construction cases unique

04:24 – Eliot on being a public speaker

06:47 – WagonheimU

07:57 – The Universal case

11:02 – Arbitration provisions in construction cases

17:05 – Playing different roles with juries

19:55 – Balancing planning and improvising

23:53 – The Elevated case

29:31 – Eliot’s advice for using blocking and staging as a litigator

32:12 – Where to find Eliot online

32:38 – Eliot’s podcast, So Here’s My Story

34:08 – Business Law Symposium preview with Roy Sexton


About Eliot WagonheimLinkedIn

With 30+ years of experience, Eliot serves as general counsel to small to mid-sized businesses in a wide array of industries in both litigation and corporate matters. Over the course of his career, Eliot and his team have served as buyer’s counsel as well as seller’s counsel in transactions ranging from $50,000 to $100,000,000. From a litigation perspective, Eliot has both won and successfully defended cases ranging from multi-million dollar, bet-your-company cases to smaller, District Court actions.

In addition to working with clients, Eliot also supports organizations and people by teaching online webinars, workshops, and Master Classes through the online platform WagonheimU; and speaking virtually and in-person.

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